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Salvage Sisters

"Made In Mankato" Series

Salvage Sisters is located in Old Town, Mankato, MN. They offer painted, re-styled or refurbished home and garden decor at affordable prices. Using modern and traditional color pairings, our one-of-a-kind pieces are classic, yet playful. They thoughtfully choose quality furniture and accessories that allow you to create a home like no other. They also sell gift items and work by local artists and craftspeople!

Special thanks to Verskotzi for providing the excellent music – .

Ted Wittman

Jordan Powers

Production Manager:
Tonya Wittman

Ted Wittman
Caleb Curran
Jordan Powers
Ben Lundsten

Production Assistant:
Judy Ebel
Ty Leyrer

Ted Wittman
Jordan Powers

Audio Producer:
Ryan Frederick