Made in Mankato

This past year has been amazing. We formed some amazing bonds within our group and within the community. We learned a lot about the art of filmmaking, networking, marketing, and running a successful business.

One of the questions we thought we would get asked most often is “why?”.  As it turns out, not many people asked that question. People just seemed to get it.  The question that we actually ended up getting most often, and continue to get is “What’s next?”. That question in itself lets us know we did something right. Something worth doing.

This video is a recap of the last year from our perspective. In this video we talk about why we did it and what we took from it.

We hope that we were able to inspire even one person out there to just get up and do something… whether you get paid for it or not.

So… what’s next? You tell us!

Special thanks to:

Ian Hilmer
The Langers Ball
The Last Revel