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The 410 Project

Our latest installment on our “Made in Mankato” series has finally arrived.  One of the reasons we were excited to work with The 410 Project is because they have something going on that is very similar to what we do. Everyone is a volunteer for a greater cause.

Their website describes them best:

The 410 Project is an art gallery and experimental space located in Mankato MN that grants opportunities for artists in all stages of their careers to exhibit and sell their work. We serve the greater Mankato area by enabling interaction between area artists and members of the community in a gallery setting. Offering an approachable space for emerging and established artists, the 410 Project opens its doors to the needs of artists working with many different mediums, including for example installation, film, and interactive art. Exhibitions are constantly in rotation every two or three weeks, in an effort to display varying and exciting work. Along with art exhibitions, the 410 plays host to many different communal events, including concerts by local bands, fundraisers for organizations, and benefits for community members. The 410 Project strives to associate itself with the artistic and eclectic society that surrounds it by offering many different opportunities for people to become involved.

Special thanks to The Union Suits for providing the music for this installment of our Made In Mankato series.

Preview: The 410 Project

Here is the teaser for the 410 Project! It has been an extremely busy last month, so our updates have been few. The screening will be Friday night at 8pm, and will premiere on our website at 830pm. Thank you all for your continued support, and be sure to come out to The 410 Project Friday night at 8pm for the screening! Special thanks to The Union Suits for providing the music for this one!

Kato CrossFit

Kato CrossFit is a Personal Training and Wellness Company based out of Mankato, MN that specializes in training their clients to become more efficient in every day life. See more at

Ben, Jade, Chris, and the rest of the team have been extremely awesome to us. After the screening party last Friday, we heard one person tell us, “Ben is just one of those guys that as soon as you see him, you just like him.” That was totally true – and also true of the whole Kato CrossFit family.

Special thanks to DJ Shoba for providing the music. We would highly encourage supporting his work by checking out his site and if you like what you hear, make a purchase!


Announcement: The Next 7 Months

Since the beginning we have always announced our next documentary subject prior to the delivery of our current subject. We decided that we would commit to the next 7 months and announce all of them at the same time!

Without further delay, here are our subjects:

Kato Crossfit – Friday, February 7th
The 410 Project – Friday, March 7th
Natural Pathways – Friday, April 4th
The Coffee Hag – Friday, May 2nd
Mom & Pop’s – Friday, June 6th
Bent River Outfitter – Saturday, July 5th
Nicollet Bike Shop – Friday, August 1st

You may have noticed that all of the release dates are on Fridays (except Bent River Outfitters). We made the decision that in 2014 we would begin releasing these on the first friday of every month to ensure that our screenings could happen the previous weekend, and for more flexibility.

So – why on earth did we decide to announce the next 7 opposed to just the next subject? Or the next 3, or 4? There are two main reasons:

  1. It commits us through the next 7 months and allows us to schedule more efficiently. Shooting, editing, and delivering a documentary in a 20 day window can be quite challenging, so the extra time will allow us to put more energy into these, as well as give us room for projects we are being hired to produce. It also helps to keep the community and the business community aware of what is coming next.
  2. We will soon be launching a campaign. Each of these documentaries costs us anywhere between $1000-$5000 in time, talent, and equipment to produce, and so far we have been funding this out of our own pockets. We are hoping to get some support from the community to help fund some of these so that we can keep this project going. More information will be coming soon.

Feel free to copy and paste this banner wherever you would like (fits perfectly as a Facebook cover photo):



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