Made in Mankato was founded in Spring of 2013 by Jordan Powers, owner of Mankato Home Tours and Ryan Frederick, owner of Sunrise Sound Design, with help from Mike Nietz. We started out as a group of professional video producers, film students, and entrepreneurs based out of Mankato, Minnesota who specialized in cinematic storytelling. In 2013, we set out to accomplish something nobody has every heard of: Use filmmaking to tell 12 stories in 12 months about our locally owned businesses to encourage growth in our community… for free.

At the beginning, our team consisted of 8 highly creative and motivated artists who shared a common passion for creative storytelling through film. We had no clients, no budget, and no idea as to where this would take us – we just wanted to do something with this passion, while at the same time helping our community and building a solid portfolio of work.

The greater Mankato area has hundreds of local businesses and entrepreneurs with amazing stories on how they got to where they are today. Our goal is not to produce a corporate promotional video or a commercial, but to share their story with our community through video, audio, and photography. 

We continue to produce content for hire in Minnesota for businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to see how we can best help you tell your story.

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Q: Does MIM only create “documentary-style” stories, or can I hire MIM to create a commercial for my business?
A: Our work produced through MIM is focused on storytelling through video, audio, and photography for social media marketing. Many people know us through our web series in which we told the stories of 12 local business owners through video. We feel we have a very specific niche in the video and content creation industry in southern Minnesota, and are different from the other amazing video production companies we have in this region.  Let us know what you need and we will assemble a project for your needs – if we aren’t the right fit for you, we will refer you to someone we think would help serve you best.

Q: How much do you charge for a video?
A: We offer several different styles of video. A typical production starts at $1200 for the basics, but typically range from $2000-$6000. It really all depends on your needs and how much time and resources it will take to make your project a reality. The best way to answer this is to simply ask what your budget is for producing a video, and then narrow it down from there. It is hard for someone who does not produce video to understand the costs and time involved, and we understand that. We lay out a detailed proposal on what we think it will take to complete your project within 24 hours of a face-to-face consultation. We also have a full service green screen production studio for lower budget projects – which is perfect for regular content creatiion.

Q:  I’m not exactly sure what we are looking for, but our company is very interested.  Is there a way we could meet and talk about our options and what might work best for us?
A.  We would love to meet you and help design a project that would best tell your story.  Each project takes on its own style depending on the type of business we are working with, and each of them starts with an idea.  Creativity is our passion, so start us off with as many or as few ideas as you have, and we can take it from there and work with you along the way to shape and create the type of content your business is looking for.

Q: What exactly is the monthly “Made In Mankato” web series? Do you still do this?
A: The “Made In Mankato” web series ran from October 2013-September 2014. It was created to serve our community and inspire support for local business.  Each month we selected a local business to feature and produced a short five-minute documentaries at no cost to the business.  We accomplished that goal, and you can see all of the videos on our portfolio page. We are no longer are producing this video series, but are still working to produce stories for business and organizations. 

Q: What kind of equipment do you use?
A: Our cameras and lenses are all made by Sony, and our audio equipment is a plethora of different manufacturers.  We have a recording studio for audio, a full service photography and videography studio equipped with a 15′ x 10′ green screen sound stage and wall. With commercial and portrait photography as part of our roots, we have been investing in and upgrading our equipment for many years. Our editing is done primarily on a 6-Core Mac Pro using Adobe Creative Cloud applications.

Q: Should I join the MIM mailing list?  
A: Yes!  When we post on Facebook, only a very small percentage of our audience sees our posts unless we pay extra to promote them. By having an email list, it ensures that our audience gets any important information we send out and stays up to date on the latest MIM happenings and events. But to be honest, we don’t ever send anything out.



Jordan Powers – Founder | Creative Director
Ryan Frederick – Co-Founder | Audio Production

Regular Contributors 
Caleb Curran
– Cinematographer | Director – www.calebcurran.com
Jason Smith – Aerial Cinematographer – www.aerialimagerymedia.com
David Faulkner – Cinematographer 

Past Contributors
Ted Wittman – Director | Cinematographer | Editor – www.tedwittman.com
Tonya Wittman – Production Manager | Cinematographer
Amber Powers – Production Assistant | Cinematographer
Ty Leyrer – Production Assistant | Community Liaison – www.keycity.co
Judy Ebel – Production Assistant | Cinematographer

Mike Nietz – Co-Founder | Cinematographer
Jon Murakami – Cinematographer – www.greylightmedia.com
Ben Lundsten – Cinematographer – www.benlundsten.com