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The 410 Project

Our latest installment on our “Made in Mankato” series has finally arrived. ¬†One of the reasons we were excited to work with The 410 Project is because they have something going on that is very similar to what we do. Everyone is a volunteer for a greater cause.

Their website describes them best:

The 410 Project is an art gallery and experimental space located in Mankato MN that grants opportunities for artists in all stages of their careers to exhibit and sell their work. We serve the greater Mankato area by enabling interaction between area artists and members of the community in a gallery setting. Offering an approachable space for emerging and established artists, the 410 Project opens its doors to the needs of artists working with many different mediums, including for example installation, film, and interactive art. Exhibitions are constantly in rotation every two or three weeks, in an effort to display varying and exciting work. Along with art exhibitions, the 410 plays host to many different communal events, including concerts by local bands, fundraisers for organizations, and benefits for community members. The 410 Project strives to associate itself with the artistic and eclectic society that surrounds it by offering many different opportunities for people to become involved.

Special thanks to The Union Suits for providing the music for this installment of our Made In Mankato series.

Preview: The 410 Project

Here is the teaser for the 410 Project! It has been an extremely busy last month, so our updates have been few. The screening will be Friday night at 8pm, and will premiere on our website at 830pm. Thank you all for your continued support, and be sure to come out to The 410 Project Friday night at 8pm for the screening! Special thanks to The Union Suits for providing the music for this one!