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How Made In Mankato Works

We get a lot of questions about how we do these free monthly documentaries for local businesses. This post should give you a little insight as to how we work.

We have a team of people who handle everything from planning to production to delivery. We communicate daily through email, text, and the old fashion phone call. We meet face to face, or via Google Hangouts once per week to discuss current projects, future projects, and the future of Made In Mankato and what else we can do for the community. We also talk a lot about film in general.

Once we have a subject picked out, we sit down with the subject and get an idea of their background (how they got started, what inspires them, the technicalities of their business, etc.). From there, we get together and make a general storyline and discuss what types of things we want to document and what all it would involve as far as production goes; how many people we need shooting, when and where, equipment needed, timeline of events, etc.

Jordan interviews Bobby from Mankato Brewery

Jordan interviews Bobby from Mankato Brewery

From there we interview the subject on camera. We ask each person roughly ten questions about the past, present and future of their business – as well as what inspires them. After that we review the footage and start to piece together the storyline. This helps us to determine what other shots we need to get in order to complete our project, and also allows us to adjust our timeline accordingly.

Caleb and Tonya film b-roll at Mankato Brewery

Caleb and Tonya film b-roll at Mankato Brewery

Once we start getting footage in, we start the editing process by creating drafts of the project. This helps us to take the story we are trying to tell and refine it until it is just right. We pass footage between each other to make changes, suggestions, etc.

Once the final product is finished, everyone on the team reviews it and gives any last minute recommendations before we “ship it”. For our monthly documentaries, that means having a screening, and then posting it to our website on the first of every month.

Ryan and Caleb in deep discussion

Ryan and Caleb in deep discussion

Ted and Judy talking with Tim from Mankato Brewery

Ted and Judy talking with Tim from Mankato Brewery

Getting ready to start the screening

Getting ready to start the screening

Getting the sound situated for the screening

Getting the sound situated for the screening

Made In Mankato crew with Tim and Tony from Mankato Brewery

Made In Mankato crew with Tony and TIm from Mankato Brewery. (L-R: Judy, Ty, Tonya, Ted, Tim, Jordan, Tony, Caleb, Ryan, Ben)

Photos by Caleb Curran and Ben Lundsten


Preview: Salvage Sisters

Here is the official teaser for the Salvage Sisters.

We are still in production for the finished product, and it is looking great! Thank you to Joey Verstozki for supplying the amazing music for this project!

Don’t forget to RSVP for the public screening at Salvage Sisters. Click HERE to RSVP.


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Andrew Kolars: Husband, Father, Realtor

A few months ago, we were approached by Andrew Kolars about creating a Made In Mankato style video for his website and promotional materials.  The concept was a 3 minute video showing a glimpse into his life as a husband, father and Realtor. Learn more about Andrew and his services at

Read about our production process below to find out how we may be able to help boost your business’s presence by producing a short video for your advertising needs.  As always, should you have any questions or would like to inquire about production, please do not hesitate to contact us.

What goes into a 3 minute video?

The first thing we focus on is spending time interviewing our client and gathering information.  This part of the process is preliminary and is provided to all of our clients at no charge.  We will go over what type of advertising budget the client is working with so that we can plan out what we can do within that budget. We then lay out the general storyline and cost estimate.

After the initial consultation, we will then determine how much time the entire production will require from start to finish. We will also determine how many people we will need on set to operate cameras, lighting, etc. and what tools we will be using.  Using this combined information, we can present the client with a final quote.  Once everything is signed and agreed upon, we begin production.
The production time frame will vary depending on complexity, the client’s schedule, weather, etc., but work is done in a timely manner and things generally fall into place fairly quickly.  During this time we will storyboard, where we will create a shot list and plan out each scene.   We will record on-camera interviews and collect the footage necessary to create the storyline.
We are often editing and piecing the final product together as we go along.  During the post-production process, we will put together any special effects if applicable (green screen, titles, graphics, etc.).  We may also find that there are one or two more shots that would help piece the story together, so we will go out and shoot those if necessary.  Once we have all of the footage we need, we can start editing the master copy, which will be presented to the client in the appropriate format upon completion.



Behind The Scenes – Mankato Brewery

Ever wondered what it looks like behind the camera on a Made In Mankato production? Here is a quick glimpse of some behind the scenes footage we collected from the Mankato Brewery shoot.

In this video, I had asked Caleb to tell me about all of the different types of shots he was getting, what he was looking for, etc. These are snippets of his answers. Special thanks once again to The Langer’s Ball for providing the amazing music!

Mankato Brewery

Here it is – the Mankato Brewery! This was our first mini-documentary that we produced as a team, and it couldn’t have gone better. Tim, Tony, and Bobby were extremely hospitable to us while we spent our time hanging out with them at the brewery.

A very special thank you to The Langer’s Ball for providing the music for this film. They are an amazing band based out of St. Paul and we highly suggest checking them out – maybe even purchase some of their music!